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Tudor Wales by Nathen Amin

Posted By Claire on May 16, 2014

Tudor WalesThis book piqued my interest because I’m half Welsh and my parents live in Wales, so I was very excited when Amberley Publishing sent it to me.

Tudor Wales is described as a “full-colour guide to the many places in Wales associated with this famous dynasty” and it would make the perfect guide-book for any Tudor history lover travelling around Wales. It comes complete with a map of Wales showing the location of each of the forty attractions covered and has contact details for a few of the places at the back of the book. The descriptions of each place, including how they fit into Tudor history, along with colour photos also mean that you can live vicariously through the author if you are unable to get to Wales.

I had heard of many of the places covered, having spent many happy holidays in Wales and having researched Henry Tudor’s roots, but there were also many places I’d never heard of – the Bosworth Stone at Abermarlais, Neath Abbey, Old Beaupre Castle, St Fagans National History Museum and Gwydir Castle. I’ve now got a long list of places to visit some day!

Nathen Amin’s book is a wonderful read, bringing these places alive, and he’s done a fabulous job with the photos. My only complaint is that some places don’t have photos and I would have loved to have seen them.

Book Details

The Tudors are one of history’s most infamous families and the era over which they reigned still captures the public’s interest without rival. ‘Tudor England’ in itself has become a well-known phrase that covers many aspects of the era, particularly architecture, arts and the lifestyle. What is often overlooked however is that the Tudors, whilst coming to encompass all that is considered great about England, were a Welsh dynasty with their roots firmly entrenched in the hills across Offa’s Dyke. This guide will take you on a journey throughout the beautiful country of Wales and expose the reader to the hidden gems of the Tudor era, from Harlech Castle in the north to Pembroke Castle in the west, and from the holy Bishop’s Palace at Lamphey to the sacred Cathedral at St David’s. From Dale, Carew and Penmynydd to Raglan, Conwy and Denbigh, every part of W ales has Tudor links, both to the royal Tudors and their more obscure Welsh ancestors. This guide will put you on the path to a true Tudor experience in the Land of their Fathers.

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Amberley Publishing (3 Mar 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1445617730
ISBN-13: 978-1445617732
Available from, Amazon UK and your usual bookstore.

By the way, Nathen runs the Henry Tudor Society on Facebook.


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