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Tudor Rules by Libby Schmais

Posted By Claire on March 4, 2012

Tudor Rules by Libby SchmaisIt’s actually quite hard for me to review “Tudor Rules” by Libby Schmais because I’m just not the book’s target market. This book is written for the Young Adult market and is about a high school teen who becomes fascinated with the Tudors after reading books by Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir. Yes, I’m obsessed with history but unfortunately I no longer count as a “Young Adult”!

The main character, Amanda, is fed up of her life, particularly her love life, and so embarks on a mission to bring the Tudor rules of behaviour into play at her High School. She makes Tudor stomachers for herself and her friends and uses her new-found knowledge of Tudor costume, remedies, courtly love and traditions to make costumes for the school theatre production, to handle the challenges thrown at her, to land the man of her dreams and to heal him of possible ‘sweating sickness’. Like her heroine, Anne Boleyn, Amanda goes from being a nobody to being the most talked about girl at the court, or rather school, but fame has its cost and is Amanda willing to pay the price and has she really got the life she wanted after all?

I won’t spoil it by giving any more details of the story but I think this book would make ideal reading material for a teenage girl interested in Anne Boleyn and the Tudor period. I’m sure it will resonate with any teenager who has become obsessed with the Tudors as a result  of watching “The Tudors” or reading Philippa Gregory, and it is a light-hearted and entertaining reading. Haven’t we all wishes that we could swan around in Tudor gowns and bring back chivalric traditions?!

As an adult, being many years away from teenage angst, I could still identify with Amanda and her thoughts and feelings, so Schmais has certainly done a great job at getting inside Amanda’s head and bringing her thoughts and feelings to life. A fun read.

Author’s Blurb

“Amanda, a shy sophomore who feels like the family ugly duckling, finds inspiration and confidence from the story of Anne Boleyn and the Tudors. After discovering that the boy she thought was her boyfriend didn’t even think of her in that way, Amanda decides that things have to change. By following Tudor Rules of proper courtly conduct, she finds a new way of struggling through the Court of High School, transforming herself into an alluring Tudor maiden, and setting her sights on the King of the High School.

The book echoes much of the drama of the Tudor court, with betrayals, low-cut necklines, and even a musical theater production. With the help of her ladies in waiting, Amanda succeeds in transforming herself and attracting the King, but when it’s almost too late, learns that getting what you want is sometimes the worst thing that can happen to you.

Tudor Rules is an intriguing tale of a teen’s desire to change her circumstances and how she ends up finding herself in the process.”


Format: Kindle Edition
Publisher: McPherson Press; 1 edition (February 28, 2012)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Language: English
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
It can be purchased at – click here and from Amazon UK – click here


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