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The Tudor Child: Clothing and Culture 1485 to 1625 by Jane Huggett and Ninya Mikhaila

Posted By Claire on August 2, 2013

The Tudor Child“The Tudor Child: Clothing and Culture 1485 to 1625” is the latest book by the team behind “The Tudor Tailor”, “The Queen’s Servants” and “The King’s Servants” and is just as beautifully presented and informative. I can’t sew to save my life, but these books make me want to get my sewing kit out and make myself and my family Tudor costumes!

Like the other books in the series, “The Tudor Child” is divided into two main sections: the first half giving information on children’s clothing in the Tudor period and the second half giving patterns and advice on how to actually make Tudor-style garments. Here are the chapters:

  1. The Subjects and the Sources -This chapter takes the reader through the stages of development in childhood and explains the different types of sources we have for knowing what Tudor children wore: portraits, documents, archaeological sources and secondary sources.
  2. Infants, Babies and Toddlers – This chapter covers swaddling and what a small child wore when they grew out of swaddling. It also includes a section on rattles and teething.
  3. Small Boys and Youths (Four to 12 Years) – Everything you need to know about boys apparel. I found this chapter fascinating because of the whole tradition of breeching.
  4. Small Girls and Youths (Four to 12 Years) – This chapter explains the different layers worn by girls.
  5. The Fabrics and Colours – This chapter contains a four page table giving contemporary names for fabrics, their characters and their uses, and what contemporary evidence there is for their use, such as bills showing how much they cost.
  6. Constructing the Garments – This is the part of the book that re-enactors and costumers will love. It explains the different techniques used in making the garments, e.g. the various stitches, and then goes on to give patterns for different garments. I found the photographic guide on how to swaddle a baby Tudor-style fascinating.

“The Tudor Child” also includes footnotes and is beautifully illustrated with portraits as examples and photographs to accompany the patterns in Chapter 6. It is the perfect resources for students and researchers of the period, and is a re-enactor’s ‘Bible’. Definitely one to have on your bookcase (or next to your sewing basket!) along with “The Tudor Tailor”, “The Queen’s Servants” and “The King’s Servants”. Beautiful books and jam-packed with information.

Blurb from Amazon

210 color illustrations, 126 detailed illustrations, 53 patterns. The book is illustrated with sumptuous reproductions of paintings from museum collections, specially commissioned photographs of reconstructed, and detailed drawings and diagrams showing styles appropriate to different ranks and eras from 1485 to 1625.

Book Details

Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Fat Goose Press Ltd (1 Mar 2013)
ISBN-10: 0956267424
ISBN-13: 978-0956267429
Available at, Amazon UK or your usual bookstore.


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