Katharine of Aragon: The Tragic Story of Henry VIII’s First Unfortunate Wife by Patrick Williams

| January 23, 2014

Amberley Publishing kindly sent me this book in the autumn and I finally had the chance to read it over Christmas. I was really looking forward to it as Katharine has been sorely neglected by historians in the past. A woman who was married to Henry VIII from 1509 to 1533 and who stood her […]

Catherine of Aragon: Henry’s Spanish Queen by Giles Tremlett

| November 4, 2010

I was really excited when I heard that Giles Tremlett was writing a biography of Catherine of Aragon, 1) because the last biography of Catherine was written in 1963 and 2) because I thoroughly enjoyed his last book, “Ghosts of Spain”. I was not disappointed when I read Tremlett’s “Catherine of Aragon: Henry’s Spanish Queen” […]

The Six Wives of Henry VIII By David Loades

| October 26, 2009

This new book on Henry VIII and his six wives was published by Amberley Publishing to coincide with the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s accesion to the throne and tells the story of Henry VIII from 1504, when he was a Renaissance Prince and second in line to the throne, right through to his death […]