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Miss Dimple Giveaway

Posted By Claire on December 12, 2011

To celebrate last week’s release of “Miss Dimple Rallies to the Cause”, the latest book by Mignon F Ballard, Minotaur Books/St Martin’s Press have offered our visitors the chance to win a set of Miss Dimple books – 2 books: Miss Dimple Disappears and Miss Dimple Rallies to the Cause.

There are 3 sets up for grabs and to be in with a chance of winning one of them simply leave a comment on this post, making sure that you fill in your email so that I can contact you if you’re randomly picked. It is open to residents of the USA and Canada – sorry everyone else! 3 winners will be picked on Monday 19th December so get commenting!

Click here to read my review of Miss Dimple Disappears and here are some details on Miss Dimple Rallies to the Cause. I’ve just received my copy and am chomping at the bit to read it as I loved the first one.

Publisher’s Blurb for Miss Dimple Rallies to the Cause

It’s September 1943, and the town of Elderberry, Georgia has exciting plans for the War Bond Rally to support the troops fighting the war abroad. Miss Dimple’s friend and librarian, Virginia Balliew, has agreed to chair the big event, with the help of Buddy Oglesby to publicize it. But when Miss Dimple’s first-grade class discovers a skeleton at the edge of a cotton field, and Buddy disappears along with the war bond money, it’s clear that something is amiss in the little town. It’s up to Miss Dimple along with her fellow teachers, to get to the bottom of it all without drawing the thief’s attention.

Neither war abroad nor crime on the homefront can daunt valiant Miss Dimple in the latest entry in Ballard’s beloved series.

Praise for Miss Dimple Disappears

“Fan of Agatha Christie? You’ll love this mystery.”
Woman’s World

“Genre veteran Ballard fills her story with wonderful characters and warm humor.”

“For all readers who wonder what life on the home front was like during World War II, Ballard’s…series launch offers plenty of wonderful nostalgia and the heartbreak that only war can bring. Fans of Southern small-town cozies and World War II historicals will enjoy this.”
Library Journal

“Ballad provides a nostalgic look at life in small-town America during the [WWII] war.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Intriguing…Ballard does a good job depicting a small American town as the factories gear up for war, young men enter the service, and everyone adjusts to rationing.”
Publishers Weekly

Book Information

Author – Mignon F. Ballard
Publisher – Minotaur Books, Hardcover, 6 December 2011
Click here to buy from or here for the Kindle version.
Also available from Amazon UK – click here


15 Responses to “Miss Dimple Giveaway”

  1. MelanieP says:

    Oh, these books sound just wonderful! Perfect after-holiday reading! (if I could wait that long!)

    *fingers crossed*

  2. Heather says:

    A Giveaway of books……….This sounds awsome and I would be honoured to be the winner.

  3. Sarah Dignard says:

    I would love the chance to win a copy of these books. Sounds like a great contest.

  4. J.A. Shuler says:

    Love Miss Dimple! She’s not only a feisty old lady with her Victory Muffins, she’s also a smart cookie who can tell when something is just not right! I’d love to win one of these books, I’m a big fan!

  5. Mary says:

    Oh these sound better than the Maisey Dobbs series!! I hope that I win. Thank you for the chance!

  6. Eliza says:

    I’m participating!! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  7. Eliza says:

    Oops!! Claire, I’m not from USA, Canada so not eligible! Sorry!

  8. Niki says:

    Wow I love the blurb reviews on this book. Sounds great!

  9. Anne Elizabeth says:

    A nice book to read by the pool………………

  10. Robyn Hitch says:

    I can’t wait …… looks very interesting and I am so excited!

  11. Rebecca Burke says:

    Hope abounds!

  12. Ginney says:

    They sound wonderful!!

  13. Sara Dawood says:

    Sounds great 🙂 I hope that I’m lucky enough to win, it would be a great gift for the holiday 🙂

  14. Claire says:

    Congratulations to MelanieP, J A Shuler and Anne Elizabeth who won the Miss Dimple book sets from our giveaway! I’ve emailed you three for your addresses.

  15. J.A. Shuler says:

    YAY! I love the series and I can’t wait to get these books! Thank you so much.

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