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King Henry VIII: King & Court by David Loades

Posted By Claire on June 28, 2009

King&CourtThis beautifully illustrated Pitkin Guide, “King Henry VIII: King & Court” by renowned Tudor historian David Loades, is a concise guide to this infamous monarch of the Tudor era.

It’s only around twenty pages long but is packed with fantastic information about Henry VIII and wonderful images – portraits, paintings, miniatures, stained glass windows, photos of historic buildings, tapestries, artefacts and more.

The guide is divided into sections to explore the different facets of Henry’s reign and his court:-

  • Introduction – An introduction to Henry, the virtuous prince who became King after Henry VII and caused Lord Mountjoy to comment that “everything is full of milk and honey and nectar, avarice has fled the country. Our King is not after gold or gems or precious metals, but virtue, glory, immortality.”
  • The King’s House – A look at Henry VIII’s main houses and palaces, which at one time totalled 69!
  • The Royal Household – Henry VIII’s Court and court life.
  • Royal Pastimes – The hobbies and interests that Henry VIII enjoyed.
  • A Devout King – An exploration of Henry the theologian, the break with Rome and Royal Supremacy.
  • Food Fit for a King – What was eaten during Henry VIII’s reign and how it was prepared and eaten.
  • The Queen’s Chamber – How much money Queens were given, the game of “Courtly Love” and the hobbies and arts enjoyed by the Queen and her ladies.
  • The Travelling Court – An explanation of Royal progresses and how the court travelled.
  • Scandals at Court – Including the falls of key Tudor figures and sexual scandals surrounding the King.
  • European Influence – Henry VIII’s “international” court.
  • The King’s Legend – The myths and legends surrounding this Tudor monarch and what the truth actually is.

As you can see, David Loades has managed to fit an incredible amount of information into this guide and it really is a great book for those wanting an overview of Henry VIII and his Tudor court. The sections make it easy to read and simple to find the information you’re looking for. I particularly love the portraits, especially the lovely 19th century painting of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn out hunting.

“King Henry VIII: King and Court” by David Loades was published in the UK in April 2009 and is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US


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  1. sanna says:

    i think HenryVII shouldend of executed anne boleyn beecuse the people were makin it all up

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