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8 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Charlene says:

    Heads-up on a new Anne Boleyn book!!!

    Raven A. Nuckols has written a ‘what if’ alternative history of Anne Boleyn, in which she is not executed. Not sure if this is presented as a novel or a biography.

    Slated for release in Autumn 2011.

  2. liz serrano says:

    Please place on mailing list.

  3. Darby says:

    Hi Claire,

    Please consider my novel The Book of Elizabeth for review on your
    site. In a nutshell, the book is speculative fiction:

    About the book:

    The world as we know it has vanished in the blink of an eye. All of
    human history, washed away. In its place, a new story of humanity, a
    story without the complications and twists we all know; a story
    without the Cold War, or Shakespeare. Without Christ. But there are
    echoes of our world – lone souls from all ages of our former history,
    shipwrecked in the new. Each and every one of them represents a living
    threat against the validity of this new, virgin history, none more so
    than the mysterious author of a subversive book passed in secret, and
    spoken of only in whisper.

    Elizabeth writes of England, of Israel and Egypt, all countries that
    never existed. She writes of a garden, and genesis. She writes of a
    promised land and a chosen people. Of revelation.

    The Book of Elizabeth is the moving journey of England’s
    greatestmonarch, Elizabeth I, who liberated from the constraints of
    her time, seeks alife free from the turmoil and strife that plagued
    it. In doing so, she opens a Pandora’s Box she never could have
    anticipated, and can never hope to contain.

    I can submit a print copy or Kindle/Nook file, whatever your preference. Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Thank you so much for your consideration!

  4. Claire says:

    I’ve emailed you, Darby. Thanks!

  5. Ann Russell says:

    Hi, Claire. I finally got to order my Tudor Places calendar. Looking forward to it. I just finished ‘To Die For’ and I did have a hard time not throwing it out the window. The picture of Anne was great; she has obviously read Eric Ives. Wikipedia (not the best source) says that Meg Wyatt was the mother of Henry Lee, but it is easy to get things confused because so many people had the same name. I can accept that. My problem is with the fictional family she created for Meg to marry into. I am a real stickler about titles. One of the titles was the Earl of Blenheim. That is impossible. Blenheim is a village in Bavaria where the Duke of Marlborough won a battle in the War of the Spanish Succession–hence the name of the family home. The other was Earl Asquith. Asquith was an early 20th century British prime minister and was given a peerage as Lord Asquith. He is the great grandfather of Helena Bonham Carter. Finally, Will’s family is called Ogilvie. That is a Scottish name. The head of the family is the Earl of Airlie and the title was created in 1639. There is some anachronistic language as well, in one case, Henry VIII ‘throws’ a masque. It is small details like this that ruin books for me. That is why the only Regency romance writer I can tolerate is Georgette Heyer, because she was so picky about the details. All her titles are place names, somewhere in England. BTW, my Six Wives group got rave reviews. I will do Glenda Jackson as Elizabeth I in the spring.

  6. RxPhan says:


    Even though it’s listed as a book for teens, I read a great review of “VIII” by HM Castor. I decided to splurge and ordered it from Amazon UK (not out in the states, yet). I was wondering if you had a chance to read it and when you do, could share your thoughts on it. Thanks.

  7. Hello — I love the website. My question is where did they get the drop pearls for the jewels. They must be natural but in today’s world they are very rare. Thank you. Jacqueline

  8. H.M. Castor says:

    Hi – I just wanted to say I’m the H.M. Castor that ‘RxPhan’ refers to. I’m really glad RxPhan splurged and bought my book “VIII” – thanks so much! I do hope she/he will like it.

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