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Betrayal by Michele Kallio – 2013 Revised Edition

Posted By Claire on October 29, 2013

betrayal revisedI reviewed the first edition of Michele Kallio’s Betrayal here back in June 2012 but I wanted to draw attention to it again because Michele has published a revised edition, making significant changes to the storyline and particularly the ending. The revised edition also has a brand new cover.

All of the changes are positive ones and I enjoyed re-reading it as much as I enjoyed reading the original book the first time round. I won’t outline the changes, as that would spoil the story, but the plot is definitely tighter and Lydia’s family background is explained a bit more. Although there is a satisfactory ending, with the loose threads and questions being nicely wrapped up, Kallio still manages, with the new ending, to hold something back and leave the reader intrigued. I liked that, it worked well.

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Here is the Amazon blurb for the new edition:

“Betrayal is the story of two women separated by thousands of miles and nearly five centuries.
Modern day Lydia Hamilton is haunted by dreams that even invade her waking hours – dreams in which she is Elisabeth Beeton, lady’s maid to Anne Boleyn. Lydia tries to ignore these vivid nightmares – until the day Elisabeth’s diary arrives in the mail. Suddenly, Lydia is caught up in the quest to uncover the truth behind Elisabeth’s betrayal.”

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