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A Dark Anatomy by Robin Blake

Posted By Claire on May 14, 2013

A Dark Anatomy Robin BlakeThank you so much to Penelope Wright for writing the following review for us. Over to Penny…

I was really looking forward to moving away from the Medieval and Tudor mysteries I have been reading lately into the later period of George II. Although I was fascinated to learn about the role of the Coroner and the use of cadavers for science and research I was disappointed that I guessed much of the plot very early on (Perhaps this is because I have been reading those same Medieval and Tudor murder mysteries and have a little medical knowledge!). However there are several twists and turns that are very unusual and certainly not “run of the mill”.

I would say “well done Robin Blake” for approaching the subject of the then provinces by entwining the superstitions, prejudices and remoteness of 18th century England into a tale of murder, mystery and mayhem. I would not be put off in reading another tale by this author although I would ask that the names of the characters, apart from his “heroes” be a little more conventional. Brockletower and Garlick Hall did not flow for me and in the early stages of the book I found these quite irksome. I did, however, manage to overlook this as the book progressed.

Book Blurb

From Amazon:

In 1740s England, the roots of evil run deep…

The year is 1740. George II is on the throne, but England’s remoter provinces remain largely a law unto themselves. In Lancashire a grim discovery has been made: a squire’s wife, Dolores Brockletower, lies in the woods above her home at Garlick Hall, her throat brutally slashed.

Called to the scene, Coroner Titus Cragg finds the Brockletower household awash with rumor and suspicion. He enlists the help of his astute young friend, doctor Luke Fidelis, to throw light on the case.

But this is a world in which forensic science is in its infancy, and policing hardly exists. Embarking on their first gripping investigation, Cragg and Fidelis are faced with the superstition of witnesses, obstruction by local officials, and denunciations from the squire himself. A Dark Anatomy marks the arrival of a remarkable new voice in mystery and a pair of detectives both cunning and complex.

Book Details

Hardcover: 368 pages (available in paperback in the UK, 304 pages)
Publisher: Minotaur Books; Reprint edition May 21 2012 (UK paperback by Pan, 19 Jan 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1250006724 (UK 0330518089)
ISBN-13: 978-1250006721 (UK 978-0330518086)
Available as a hardback and Kindle version from – click here – and as a paperback or Kindle version from Amazon UK – click here.


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